Libon Masri’s office is as unique as his approach to law –

stacks of surfboards, a wall made entirely of reclaimed wood, a longboard perched behind his desk. Outside: hibiscus flowers, figs, peach, and mulberry trees. The entire space feels bright, light.  That’s intentional. 

Masri, a Sunshine State native has dedicated his entire life to peacemaking, to cultivating a sense of unity wherever he goes, and that energy is felt in his presence, his space. 

“I’m most passionate about helping the people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves,” says Masri as he sips his coffee, wearing a Jimi Hendrix tee-shirt.

So Masri built a boutique firm that allows him to focus on doing just that, whether its meeting his clients exactly where they are – that means literally driving to their homes to take meetings, or personally taking phone calls himself any time of day. “Those seeking access to a Florida attorney shouldn’t get the short end of the stick. Client’s still deserve to understand their rights, and to have those rights protected.”

“In most instances people believe that they cannot afford the typical costs of working with an attorney,” Masri says. “that’s why we strive to offer creative solutions to achieve the most competitive rates, no matter how simple or complex the issue may be.”

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That desire to fight for the rights of others stemmed from early encounters with the systems and structures that are designed, it seems, to silence citizens. 

When Masri was just 18 years old, he was arrested for smoking marijuana. 

Despite the fact that he had already achieved success in his family antique business by that time, this singular moment marred his record.

“I hated that I was criminalized for smoking weed,” he said. “Having been through the system, I quickly realized that many things are backwards, and reform from the inside was the only path to reversing the injustice.”

Then, in 2010, he experienced injustice on a much larger scale when he and his wife, Lorraine, joined his family in Lebanon. There, Masri opened a small hotel right on the Mediterranean coast. What should have been a dream come true quickly devolved into a nightmare as the political upheaval worsened. 

The war in Syria ultimately spilled into his country, and his hotel was transformed into a United Nations legal aid office for refugees. He, too, was forced to leave, but that experience deepened his desire to defend those who could not defend themselves.

Not long after returning to the Sunshine State, Masri, like many Americans, went up against the big banks to fight a foreclosure on his home in Orlando. 

“My sister, who is also an attorney, looked at me after that whole fiasco, and told me to go to law school,” Masri said.

He took her advice and went back to school. In 2020, he graduated cum laude from Orlando’s Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with his Juris Doctorate of Law. 

Now, Masri transforms the stereotype of the cold, money-obsessed attorney, one client at a time.

“People come to me and they’ll say, ‘I hated attorneys, until I met you. I finally found one that I love,’” Masri says, as one of his two cats, Bowie, slips in and sips some water. 

That’s because Masri slows down with each person he encounters – mitigating their stress, deeply listening, and surprising them with solutions they weren’t expecting. 

He’s built a network of highly-specialized, aggressive attorneys across the State of Florida, which means there isn’t a case too big or small for the Masri team to tackle. 

His goal is always the same – to create the possibility of agreement where there is animosity, to create peace where there is chaos. 

As a kid, he turned the boy who bullied him into his best friend. As an adult, he traveled the world buying and selling antique and imported furniture, speaking three languages, and even working in the entertainment industry as an art director, forging long lasting friendships everywhere he went. 

“I love people, I really do,” he says.

His life’s work has been to build strong connections, and as a lawyer he does just that. 

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